Why are we doing it?

Why a digital transformation?


There are many reasons why we’re making changes, but first and foremost, we want to offer a better service and promote the RCSLT as the trusted go-to authority on matters relating to SLT in the UK.

Our Digital Strategy team are designing and developing a new website and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that will enhance the experience of everyone who comes into contact with the RCSLT, including members and the wider public.


What will we achieve through change?


We have set ourselves several goals within our strategic plan that we hope will help us get where we want to be by 2018. By setting ourselves these goals, we hope to:

  • Increase support for our members to promote and improve the services they offer
  • Improve the research capacity for the SLT profession
  • Create more opportunities for research at national and international levels
  • Allow members to take more advantage of our resources
  • Create a support network for SLTs to help them become leaders
  • Support members and help them develop robust business skills


Continuing professional development (CPD)


As the SLT landscape continues to become more advanced, it’s important that we all stay up to date and maintain our skills. The easiest way to do this is with CPD, which is why we will soon be able to offer CPD opportunities at the click of a button to encourage learning and increased skill levels within the profession.


Connecting People


Another reason we are making changes is so that we can connect people and create communities. Our new site will help connect you to other SLTs, experts and organisations so you have the tools to discuss, engage and share your knowledge and experience.


A personalised experience


Our CRM platform will help us personalise your interactions by collecting the data you want to give us such as your location, your area of expertise and anything else that you think will help us offer you a better service.


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