What are we doing?

A digital transformation


We are currently in the process of an organisation-wide digital transformation that will improve our service and allow us to work more effectively in the field of speech and language therapy.

The way we will achieve this is by launching a new website and implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

We are working closely with a specialist digital agency who, with the help of our in-house Digital Strategy Team, will design, develop and deliver the new website and CRM platform, and oversee the digital project from inception to completion.


What is a CRM platform?


A CRM platform is a piece of software that will help us manage our interactions with SLTs and continue to improve the service we offer.

Our CRM platform will give us the opportunity to focus on the individual needs of SLTs and people with communication and swallowing needs.

We are currently reviewing options for selecting an appropriate CRM platform.


The new website


As well as a visually stunning site, we hope to create an interactive digital space that is easy to use, relevant and useful – no matter what you are looking for.


How will the new site and CRM platform improve the service?


The new website and CRM platform will help us offer:

  • More support
  • Resources that are easier to find and use
  • Improved communication between RCSLT and members
  • Improved communication between members


Improving the service for non-members


We’re also improving what we offer to non-members in order to reach a broader audience and further promote speech and language therapy.

Non-members include people considering a career in speech and language therapy, people looking for a therapist and people looking for information about speech and language therapy.

To improve our service for non-members we are:

  • Tailoring and improving non-member areas of our site
  • Increasing resources for non-members
  • Making the site and resources easier to use


Communication is key


It is extremely important for us as an organisation to ensure that our members can contact us, but we don’t want to stop there. We want our members to be able to communicate with each other too.

Our new site will allow SLTs to mentor students, ask or answer questions, get involved with RCSLT projects or become trusted advisors.

We want to connect individuals with organisations and allow communities of SLTs to grow and thrive.


Our mission, our vision


Mission: To ensure better lives for people with communication and swallowing needs

Vision: To be the professional body that promotes excellence and supports speech and language therapy