Professional Development

Encouraging excellence

Encouraging excellence

Professional Development


We want to give members access to all the resources they need to continue their professional development.

Better CPD

Being able to manage and add to your CPD online is a major requirement from our membership and we intend to provide this

Easier Supervision

Ensuring emerging members and practitioners can find supervisors is a major part of our vision

Guidance and CPD Toolkit

We want to ensure that the tools you need are in place and effective.

CPD and ensuring that SLTs have all the right tools at their disposal is essential.  This digital transformation will address how to improve and re-engineer the digital aspect, to really support SLTs.

We have engaged with members through a 3 month discovery period and now we are in the process of making sure off the outputs can be developed.  To ensure we’re on the right track, being part of the User Panel or feeding back your thoughts is a vital part to our project.

To find out more about how you can help, please get in touch with us using the form below.