How are we going to do it?

Making our digital transformation happen


By initiating an organisation-wide digital transformation, we hope to improve the benefits we offer our members and position the RCSLT as the go-to authority on matters relating to SLT in the UK.

There are two main areas we want to focus on:

  • improving the service we provide to members
  • digitally enabling the organisation


Improving the service we provide to members


We aim to make interactions with the RCSLT as easy and convenient as possible by providing useful tools and offering relevant content.


Digitally enabling the organisation


The new site alongside our CRM platform will allow users to automate repetitive tasks and provide the tools they need to connect to organisations, SLTs and experts.


The RCSLT project team


To guide us through the digital transformation, we have enlisted the help of We Are Friday, a digital agency with big ideas and an impressive client list to match. WAF specialise in digital, so we’re in good hands. We also have an in-house team working on the project to ensure everything goes to plan.


Workshops and user panels


We have put together a user panel made up of staff and members and have held a number of workshops to help us understand what members need and what we need to change.


Plan of action


To get a project like this off the ground, we need a clear plan of action. Through our workshops, we now know what we need to do, so the next stage is to create a road map that will help us visualise and prioritise our to-do list.


What’s next?


To keep things moving, we need to:

  • continue to hold workshops
  • plan our content migration
  • implement the supporting infrastructure
  • create a member dashboard
  • design and develop the public-facing website
  • improve functional and content features
  • create CPD approach, tools and functionality
  • implement community functionality



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