Communities and CENs

connecting the profession

Connecting excellence across the profession



We want to connect communities and networks of excellence. Making sure that SLTs have access to members from across the profession with a multitude of skills and expertise.

Encouraging Excellence

The RCSLT is committed to making sure we spread the excellence among our communities. We are enriching the digital experience to encourage the excellence to be shared beyond its current capability.

Finding groups and groups finding you

Our aim is to personalise and make the website 'learn' the user's interests. Not only should you be able to find the relevant groups but the groups should be able to find your too

Creating and managing groups

One of the outputs from our members' views was the need to have easier and friendlier ways of setting up and managing groups. Adding articles and guidance will be simpler and reach more people.

RCSLT is seeking your help in testing and developing the Communities section of the new website.  Members will be invited to share their opinions and test aspects of the website.

In addition, we would encourage members interested in giving feedback and their time for the Communities, we’d appreciate your thoughts on other aspects of the website, which may effect Communities.

For more information, please get in touch with

Kaleigh Maietta or Tom Griffin