We’re here to help – introducing the new help & support centre

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What to expect from the new help and support centre

Member (and non-member) enquiries are a fundamental part of what we do at the RCSLT. We take each enquiry seriously, and we always try to resolve problems as quickly and painlessly as possible, so we’re excited to introduce the help and support centre we’re building for the new site.

Why do we need a help and support centre?

Most of the time, the information needed to resolve issues is available on our website. However, one of the key problems with our current site is the way the pages are structured, which makes finding the answer to questions difficult—if not impossible.

With that in mind, we’ve completely revamped our site navigation and the way our pages are linked to each other to make it much more obvious where everything is. However, we also wanted a place on the site where our visitors could quickly find the answers to any questions they may have, and that’s exactly what our help and support centre will be.

Is the help and support centre going to replace the enquiries team? 

The help and support centre won’t replace our enquiries team who are always happy to answer questions. The help and support centre is intended to provide a starting point and make it easier to find answers to general questions.

You can still get in touch with the enquiries team via phone, 020 7378 3012; or email, info@rcslt.org.

Frequently asked questions

Over the years we’ve found there are certain questions we get asked more than others. These might be anything from, ‘how do I become a member?’ to more complex questions about record keeping and governance.

Our help and support centre will have the answers to all the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

A dedicated help and support section

We felt the best way to make all our help and support FAQs accessible was to create a dedicated area for it and to include a link from the main navigation dropdown so you’ll always be able to get there no matter where you are on the site.

What about the new search function?

In addition to our help and support centre, the new site will feature a powerful search function, and this should help visitors locate what they’re looking for. However, we see the help and support pages as a place where members (and non-members) can get quick answers to common questions.

What will the Help and support centre look like?

The help and support landing page will feature our most frequently asked questions, and these will be updated regularly, plus you’ll find links to our help and support category pages.

The category pages will feature links to specific questions within the category.



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