Member Communities – the new Basecamp and CPD diary

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Big changes are coming! As part of the RCSLT’s digital transformation, a new vibrant community area will replace Basecamp. The new area will feature an enhanced CPD diary and an easy-to-use platform to register for events and update your profile. Best of all, you’ll only need one username and password to access everything.

Why are we doing this?

It’s no secret that Basecamp wasn’t perfect and you’ve let us know what you found frustrating such as the separate login function and the odd, inexplicable bug (where did that post go?!). You also told us you wanted a way to message group members individually. We’ve taken all of this on board, and we’re looking forward to sharing the new and improved member’s area with you soon!

The CPD diary is also getting a much-needed facelift.  Uploading documents to the diary will be much simpler, and an updated summary of your activity will make tracking your progress a breeze.

So how will this happen?


All Hubs and CENs will have space available to them in the new community area of the website.  Basecamp will remain operational during the transition period, and we’ll be sure to give everyone plenty of notice before Basecamp is taken offline.

The new community area is scheduled to launch this summer.  If you’re a group admin and have any queries, please contact

CPD Diary

When the new community area launches, access to previous CPD diary entries will be available via a link in your new diary. These entries will not be transferred over to the new system however, so remember, there is no cause for alarm when you first log in and find a blank CPD diary!

Launch Day

All members will receive a username and password for the community section on launch day. Non-members will also be able to sign-up and participate as a guest within the community with approval. We don’t have an exact date for the launch just yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new space soon!

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