The RCSLT Digital transformation – where are we now?  

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Since our last update, we’ve been busy designing and preparing the new website.

As well as auditing and improving the information on the current site, we’ve also created a lot of new content, and with the help of our digital partner Friday, we’ve designed a set of templates and started building some of the key pages that will feature on the new site.

We’ve also been working on the user experience (UX) to ensure our new site is easy to use.

Navigation and search

Some of the most common complaints about the current site are about finding relevant information. There’s a lot of great content available, but the navigation isn’t user-friendly, and visitors often give up before they’ve found what they were looking for.

To ensure that this is not a problem on the new site, we’re planning on providing a powerful search engine to help with specific enquiries. However, we know that visitors don’t always want to type in what they’re looking for – so we’ll also have a site structure that’s intuitive and easy to navigate through.

Membership upgrade – a more personal approach

When we started thinking about the new website, we saw an opportunity to improve the way our members interact with us. This meant implementing a new back-end system that will make joining, profile management and payments a lot easier in the future.

We also looked at how we could personalise the site so that members would see pages and information that was relevant to them. In order to make this work, when you first log in to the new site we’ll ask you some questions about what you do and where you work, and that will allow us to filter the content you see on the new homepage.

Our new homepage

When we began designing the new homepage, we consulted our members and held workshops to find out what was essential and what was unnecessary. This discovery work has informed the components we’ll feature on our new homepage.

These components will often be personalised (based on the information you give us) and will include news, videos, statistics, featured articles and links to useful areas in the site such as your new CPD diary.

Mobile and tablet ready

One of the things that came up during the workshops was the need for mobile and tablet compatibility. The current site is difficult to use on a smartphone, and we wanted to make sure that, going forward, our visitors will get the most out of the new site no matter what device they’re using to access it.

The next steps

We’ve come a long way since we started, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we’re ready to launch our new site.

Over the next couple of months we will:

  • Decide the complexity and depth of functions such as search and navigation.
  • Decide on the level of personalisation for the logged in user.
  • Build the site with above design and functionality.
  • Migrate content to the new site.
  • Build the community and CPD areas of the site.

Why not join our user panel?

The most important thing about the new website is that it does what our members need. This is why, at every stage of the process, we’ve held workshops to discuss, test and inform whatever we are doing.

If you’d like the opportunity to be a part of that process, you can join our user panel – just drop us a line, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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