A personal message from Navid Abbasi – RCSLT Digital Project Manager

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As many of you will know the RCSLT 2017 Conference took place this week and was a great success! Hundreds of members came to Glasgow to participate in events and surgeries to nurture their profession and network with members from the UK and abroad.  

As part of the event, I was fortunate enough to have run 2 days of digital surgeries where I was privileged to enough to show the hard work going into our digital transformation.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes and can often be difficult to know how fast we are moving to fix things.  

Some of the attendees were incredibly busy but digital was an area of keen interest.  Not only because members got a chance to see what we have been doing but also to give their valuable feedback on the work so far. It was also an opportunity to discuss any digital ‘pain points’ and address the concerns and issues that members face.

We gave a walkthrough of all the new features we can expect from the new website and we were pleased to see that some key areas of interest are being addressed as members would like. For example, some of the key issues that have made members’ experience on the website difficult are in the plans. Some of these include:

  • Single login – the ability to go across the website without having multiple login details and passwords,
  • Cleaner navigation and menus to get to where you need more efficiently,
  • Mobile friendly interface – being able to have an excellent experience no matter which device is being used,
  • Clean, modern and fresh look,
  • Improving Basecamp and CPD,
  • Joining and managing your membership online.

The above list is not endless but we are pleased to say that the above are absolute essentials for our new digital service which will be addressed in the upcoming website. 

I would like to thank all the members and attendees who showed such interest and enthusiasm for our work in digital.  We hope that we can truly create a digital experience, best in class and most importantly, fit for the needs of the profession.

Most sincerest thanks,

Navid Abbasi

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