Designing our website – one step at a time

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Visual design is the use of imagery, colour, shapes, typography and form to enhance the user experience.

Why do we need a new website?

The current website is over ten years old and looks like it. Visually the site creates a confusing experience and does not adapt to the devices the members are using.

The design process

Once we had defined the problem (our site was out of date), we started to think about how we could improve it.

We considered our options and decided we could either:

  • Try to fix the problems using the current CMS
  • Upgrade the current CMS to the latest version
  • Upgrade the current CMS and redesign the site
  • Redesign the site and migrate to a new CMS

Fixing the problems using the current CMS isn’t possible and upgrading to the latest version wouldn’t have been enough to get the site to where it needed to be.

Redesigning the site on an upgraded CMS would have fixed some of the problems regarding user experience, but would not have given us the functionality we needed to deliver the best site for our members.

Therefore, we needed to redesign the site and migrate to a new CMS. This would allow us to create a powerful new site and offer a unique personalised experience.

User panel workshops

Moving to a new CMS meant we could start thinking about a broad range of functions that would benefit members. We wanted to offer an incredible user experience, and that meant we needed to find out what that would look like.

To ensure we got that right, we formed a user panel and held workshops to test our ideas.

Our user panel is comprised of RCSLT members, key RCSLT staff and representatives from our digital partner, We Are Friday. The panel continues to meet once a month to help us to decide what will be useful for our visitors – whether they are logged-in members, service users, first-time visitors or press.

Find out how you can join the user panel.

Template designs

Now we know what we want to offer to our visitors, we have started to design the look and feel of the new pages. We have identified several areas that will have different functions – from CPD to general information, research and best practice documents.


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