Content Audit – Phase One

By Matt Web development Comments Off on Content Audit – Phase One


Back in April 2017, the digital team began phase one of the content audit for This was a site-wide operation that involved almost every RCSLT staff member in some capacity.

Why audit?

There are many reasons to audit the content of a website including (but not limited to):

  • General housekeeping
  • Improving the quality of the content
  • Improving user experience
  • Improving search engine results
  • Identifying content gaps

During the audit, we looked at every single page, document and download on and identified which pages we wanted to keep and those we wanted to remove as well as those that needed improvement.

Why now?

The reason we wanted to audit the content on was to ensure that when we migrate to the new site, we will only take the relevant and useful information from the old site.  This will help us offer a better experience to our members when they access our site and will also help improve our performance in Google searches so anyone can use our site to find information about swallowing, speech, language and communication.

Now we have now identified all the pages we want to keep, remove or improve, it’s time to move onto phase two – the data cleanse.


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