Making the website work for SLTs

What are we doing?

We’re embarking on a massive transformation of our digital landscape.  We want you to have the best digital experience and a website that works for you, regardless of location or device.

Making digital work for you

Digital Evolution


Embarking on what SLTs need from digital, not just today but in years from now.


We're engaging SLTs and members to make sure your voice is heard.

Select Digital Partner

We went through a rigorous process to ensure we engaged the very best digital agency for our needs.

Producing the best

We intend to create a best-in-class experience for our members as part of our Strategic Plan.

Latest updates

Why not join us at one of our Workshops?

Did you know that the HCPC counts involvement with your professional body as part of your Continuing Professional Development? So, by joining us at our workshops, you’re not only helping ...

Data Cleansing

  What is data cleansing? Data cleansing is the process of finding inaccurate, out of date, missing or irrelevant data from a list or database and replacing or correcting it. ...

Content Audit – Phase One

  Back in April 2017, the digital team began phase one of the content audit for This was a site-wide operation that involved almost every RCSLT staff member ...